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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 2, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PST

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now at 11:00. victoryn1 for ted cruz. texas senator celebrating first place win over donald trump in the wire for the democrat. callpç. good evening. >>k4d let's get right to brand1 hit in iowazu. 5m >>reporter: good evening. whether a night here in iowa. ted cruz will go on to win the republican caucus with the iowa g.o.p. reporting a record breaking turn out. high turn out making for high drama in iowa. huge win for ted cruz. >> tonight is a victory for cranial us conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >>reporter: upsetting g.o.p. front runner donald trump. >> we will go on to easily beat hilary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. >>reporter: marco rubio running strong. >> tonight's we have taken the
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first step but important step towards winning this election. >>reporter: on the democratic side the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is too close to call. >> i am excited about really getting into the depay the with senator sanders about the best way forward to fight for us and america. >> people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the m mr. its cal establishment. >>reporter: tonight the presidential hopeful one final pitch for the votes were cast. as many as 400,000 iowa expected to show up at 2000 locations. >> it's really important. lots to change. >>reporter: for the republican even a third place finish here is key. giving that candidate momentum moving into new hampshire. >> tonight both huckabee and o'malley suspended their campaign. shift.5 to go new hampshire now and first primary there next week n.des moines, 7 news.
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in developing news cal train hit and killed a man in san mateo tonight. we were at the 25th avenue crossing and police responded to the scene. cal train says the man was ill legally on the track. in the incident resulted in delay of up to an hour and a half 500 passengers on board the train. >> sky 7 had. d showing the scene in san jose today after large tree collapsed killing a man. it happened this afternoon at this creek park. >> melanie is live at the park with our developing story. melanie. >>reporter: well, right near this park there are several is directly in front ofús where this tre)q&l. mean timehi another family that waiting; to find out whether or ismv the it was8z like almost like an=t. >ng3porter: she says the largex
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tree brh falling made abw tree brh falling made abw thunderv hear somethingd2 breaking ando then  a loud boom and then"n could you hear all te branchesa on the floor. quickly discoverede a manw: wo he tree's&& fall. >> we were approached by family who(óhid that theirs; fatherm w3 outmp on a bike ride. >>reporter: not knowing whether(d he was the victim police officers tried to comfort the family. >> so tragic. horrible to hear that. you know your family member could have passed that way. >>reporter: they will examine the tree to see if it was deceased. >> look like a combination of many things. >>reporter: they say possibly included waterur by the roots. tree aim. heavy winds. in the mean time the neighbors in the relatively quiet community along ber rest a creek park heart go out to the victim family in san jose, abc
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7 news. new tonight. take a look. have you seen this car? fairfield police say the driver hit a five year old child then drove away. happened just before 5 today on san marcos street near kit avenue. child badly injured but expected to recover. new at 11:00. fire at high school in san francisco being investigated as possibly being arson. started in the basement of george washington high school in the outer richmond 5:40 tonight. somebody burned boxes and paper plates. a junior rotc group evacuated from the building. extent of the smoke water damage is being assessed. tonight highway patrol is investigating a nasty collision that started with a drive-by people hurt. alan explains how it happened. >>reporter: it's believed this silver nissan ultima was going more than 65 miles per hour when it collided with a yellow humvee and flipped it over. around 3:00 o'clock off duty bart officer witnessed the passenger in the nissan firing
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shots at moving car on westbound highway 4 near willow pass road. >> we need to fine out are these people were shooting at the other vehicle. if there's another victim we need to find out who that victim is. >>reporter: the nissan sped down the port chicago highway off ramp slammed into the moving humvee and crashed into three other cars waiting at the lights. >> 3 occupant taken into custody. weapon was found within the vehicle. >>reporter: police arrested two, 21-year-old men and 19-year-old man. they along with the other driver suffered minor to moderate injuries. >> as for the car that was the target of the shootings, police say they don't have a clear description of it. and no gunshot victims have reported to local hospitals. in concord, alan, abc 7 news. >> denver broncos players are okay after crash involving 3 team bus and chp officer today. they just wrapped up practice at stanford and heading to the hotel. the driver on 101 in santa
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clara had unsafe lean change causing three team buses to collide and chp motorcycle to go down. one bus being towed. the officer had minor injuries. now let's talk about the superbowl. used to hold media day every year. first time ever it's now opening night and this evening. >> journalist from all over the world packed into the sap center in san jose tonight to interview broncos and panthers player i that take the field for the big game 6 days away notch mike was there taking in the sites and surrounds. >> first ever media night at superbowl history was huge success. 5500 media members descending on both the panthers and broncos. >> most popular players on both teams are the quarterback ma manning and newton. both can't wait for the game to get started. >> seeing other people enjoying the moment remind me that i need to be enjoying the moment as well. >> it's the superbowl.
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most impactful game of all of sports. >> first time fans were allowed to participate in media night and both teams were well represented. not too many fans on the west coast but i hold down for everybody. l loud and proud. i care about. >> i was born and raised in done verify. my whole family there die hard fans and so it's so fun to see them up close. i found out last week they would be coming i cried i was so excited. >>reporter: even though the broncos are under dogs, they brought their own lucky charm. >> 33 years i have been leading the cheers and i tell you, it keeps getting better and bette better. >> abc 7 news. >> sports director larry has complete wrap up of superbowl opening night come up later in the show. 7 news at 11:00 continues couple. reveal the health violations discovered at levi stadium just as tens of thousands of football fans pack the stand
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for superbowl 50. >> the new posh plans for the east bay hospital forced to close its doors after it ran out of money. >> we track the system that will make for a wet morning commute. i'll have your time line coming up. >> thanks. first look what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live"wrote after abc news at 1 11:00. >> thanks. here's a glimpse of what we accomplished because we put our heads together. >> i'm done saying it's great to be nominated. it really, really is. really great to win. really great to win. so great
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well before you take a bite at the superbowl this weekend you might want to know what health inspectors say they have previously found at levi stadium. >> as melanie explains, it's the same type of violations the santa clara county department of environmental health says they often see at other restaurants. levi stadium indicator to more than football fans. it's a foodie heaven. >> we have asian food. we have indian food. mexican. barbecue. sausage e-before the stadium opened in 2014 journalist were
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invited to taste culinary creativity at the finest. >> kind of once ever look behind the curtain before it comes down. >>reporter: now 7 news is taking a more recent look behind that curtain. sharing where levi stadium has at times fallen short. >> nobody wants the public to get second. >>reporter: jim is director of the deputy of environmental health in santa clara county. deh has approximately 60 inspectors who cover more than 10,000 food facilities in santa clara county including levi stadium. he says inspections began here before the stadium even opened. >> from the cart to the meat slicer to the heater and coole cooler. >>reporter: deh provided us with inspection data from july 30, 2014 through december 20, 2015 showing facility violation including one this past octobe october. dark mold like substance inside the ice machine. >> we look for violations of the food code e-most common
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violation inspectors say they observed during this time period improper hand washing. having employee that doesn't wash their hand and possibly contaminate the food is a major violation. >>reporter: major because it can cause informed borne illness. inspectors say they observed this violation even when stadium employees knew an inspection was under way. >> when we are in a facility there walking around with our clipboard and taking notes people pretty much know who we are e-the second most common violation inspectors say they observed during the same time period? improper food temperatures. he says it's another major violation that can also cause food borne illness. >> from the refreng raytor to the holding as had he prepare the food then when actually cooking the food that the food is kept within certain zone. >>reporter: he says both major violations are what inspectors often observe at other food facilis#s throughout the county. deh says food facilities can correct major violations on site during an inspection.
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otherwise they are closed until they comply. levi stadium food vendor center plate denied our request to observe an inspection. in an e-mail statement they said 100 percent of service locations currently hold a green placard rating signifying a safe operation according to health officials. any violation were immediately corrected and no violations are outstanding at this time. as 70,000 fans fill the stadium seats, snacks in hand, count on inspectors to be doing their jobs as well superbowl day. if santa clara, abc 7 news. >> san francisco leaders say they are not trying to hide the homeless during the superbowl but our i-team video raises question about police tactic. we have seen early morning sweep by police and public work crew that appear keeping them out of public view. all visitors in town. homeless advocate say police are creating a bigger homeless
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problem than ever and the story is on the news tomorrow. >> san pablo bought by hotel group. royal guest hotel agree to pay 13 and half million dollars for the hospital which is located next door to this san pablo l casino they own boutique hotels and unclear whether royal guest will demolish the hospital or convert it to hotel. the center closed last april when it simply ran out of mone money. >> chilly out there tonight. look at this great picture we have from our roof cam. >> transamerica building all lit up in honor of superbowl 5 50. we have a close eye open what is coming our way. >> hi. we have some rain coming our way for the morning commute and then &m we have another system behind that one. live doppler 7hd showing where you we are seeing some returns up along the mendocino coast line between fort bragg and point arena starting to rain now and believe it or not the
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hills up to the north seeing mixed precipitation so just how chilly it is outside we see the next precipitation. temperature upper 30's, brentwood other years in the 40's and 50's. live look from our exploratorium camera from pier 15. look at the beautiful view as san francisco continues to entertain people for superbowl city. rain aroofs tomorrow morning. next storm wednesday afternoon and dry and mild forth end of the work week. on our scale we rate our systems from one can light to 5 severe incoming system is a on one. light rain for your tuesday morning less than quarter of an inch and winds light but keep in mind the trees weaken by the drought so even a little bit of a breeze with ground being wet could topple a tree or two. 4 a.m. tomorrow morning. we seeing some areas of drizzle but we wait until about 5:00 o'clock that's when the rain starts to move on shore.
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green indicating the light rain. notice that it starts to spread at 6:00 a.m. the steadiest of the rain is in the north bay. at 7:00 or 8:00 o'clock it's still wet and may be brief pockets of moderate rain. showers continue as we head towards the latter part of your morning and into the afternoon but right around 11:00 a.m. you notice that some areas in the north bay, san francisco starting to get a break and by noon to two okay all winding down. as far as rainfall total not really impressive but we'll take any rain we can get. about tenth to quarter of an inch. some may get less than that so the system will run into dryer air that's why we are seeing rainfall total pretty much on the light side. superbowl city tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. reins winding down just as it begins. 53 degrees cloudy. peek of sun in the mid afternoon. chilly at 9 p.m. 49 degrees would i grab the extra layer if going. another system is come on wednesday at noon time well to
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the north but 1:00 p.m. the north bay getting wet. rainy at two palm for three p.m. afternoon evening commute event that is going to be slippery. keeps going 7:00 o'clock when sitting down for dinner it is still raining out there. then all winds down. the system expected to bring up to third of an inch of rain. we have you covered for superbowl and drastic difference it's mild and sunny at levi stadium 70 degrees when the panthers and broncos take on each other. 57 degrees at the end of the game tomorrow morning we are going to notice it's chilly mid upper 30's in the coldest spots and wet around parts of the bay area. rain will spread and afternoon cool and cloudy. low mid 50's look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast for ground hog day and for wednesday both systems are one on our stormy packet scale as we head towards thursday we dry out weekend is dry and milder. 70's sunday and monday.
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jeopardy missed the time clue because of an update. here it is. roosevelt called it the one great site which every american should see. the question? what is the grand canyon. all three contest anti-had the wrong answer like larry. moving on to the semi-fichbility larry said the superbowl. >> no. i think that's wrong. first of all. i think it's superbowl media day. every american should. >> if you stay tune you get the chance. >> you will see that much. you will see the good part. i don't waste for hours of your time. what do you get when you squish 5000 reporters up to a body wum peyton manning. that is superbowl 50 media da daytor opening night as item now called. we'll hear from
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babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait. good evening this sounds like a joke but leprechan, miss universe and ski jumper walk into a hockey arena so it must be opening night as the nfl now calls it.
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5500 members of the media along with handful of imposters at the sap center. look at the crowd t.tls couple x niners. one left do after catching two pass ins 2012 enjoyed a rebirth in carolina a. 44 reception. 10 touch doups this year. davis traded by the niners mid season. not a ton in denver but they are both excited to be playing in the home of the nineers. >> i just to me everything they did for me, i love the basement i want to go out and get a we know. >> that guy has been through it has been through everything. he has been through so much and to see him go through superbowl i see a story see a testimony. >> it is a story. good store. here's washington media night look like from above. wall to wall camera reporters and myself universe always welcome at media day. if i'm handing out decree depositional. lean to get to peyton so deep i thought he was giving out mone moneyp everybody want to know if this will indeed be his last
1:36 am
game. >> this could be this could be. doesn't mean it will be and i like i said maybe, maybe maybe championships and if i do, eight of them probably be against the patriots. >> i get nervous like my neighborhood when i used to be outside that kind of stuff have you nervous. this is all fun. party right here. >> you sacrifice to get where you want. a lot of people sacrifice help you along the way. you want to be able to justifyìc you are going to certify what people have done and given to you. >> curry is special. he does things that you only see on video games. >>reporter: 2v did he mention te steph curry most popular panthers fan in the bay year. founded the drum carolina a season grew newspaper charlotte at superbowl 50. he's friends with cam and coach% ron who you just saw embraces one of rivera favorite lines that is if you want something, go get it. they are not going to send you a limo. >> not only just rooting for
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the panthers but team that i have supported for a little while that individual guys that you know how hard they work. what they have put into the game and you want to see the results from this and be champions. >> now if and when the raiders get back into superbowl contention they do that without the services of justin tuck he retired today. he played 11 seasons 9 with the new york giants. won two superbowl with them in the last two creditors with the raiders. he toke his peck muscle and missed off the field. he taught a young group of rai raiders what it means to be a professional football player. 32-year-old does great work off the field for rush with literacy that help low income students. the sports brought to you by riff rock casino. much more superbowl coverage tomorrow. superbowl coverage tomorrow. >> all week thanks larr coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs


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